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It's Almost Time!! 14th Annual Flowery Branch Spring Festival

We are less than 30 days away from a fun filled day! Our Scouts are super excited to meet each and every one of our vendors. We do have a couple of asks from all of our vendors. Please go to our facebook event and share with a fun message that you will be attending this year's festival. During set up make sure you ask anyone in a tan Scout shirt if you need any help.

Day of...What will it look like?

We have had several people ask this question in the last couple of days. The layout has yet to be finalized due to the on going construction in Downtown Flowery Branch. Space numbers/locations will be given at registration. If you need special accommodations (handicap, etc.) please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate.


About 48 to 72 hours before the event, you will be receiving an email with specific instructions. A quick, down and dirty brief on how we handle registration...You will be assigned a registration color. This color is important for two reasons. First, it makes sure you are checking in at the right location. Second, the colors correspond with a certain traffic pattern. Following the registration color is imperative to ensure we do not end up with a traffic jam.

Set Up

Set up will be from 7:30am to 10:00 am on April 22nd. After you check in, you will receive your space number. Volunteers in Troop 228 t-shirts or Tan Scout shirts will help you locate your space. During this time, volunteers are available to help you unload your vehicle and set up your tent. Please unload your vehicle as quickly as possible to help with traffic flow. Additionally, when unloading, please do not park your vehicle in another vendor's space.

As soon as you are finished unloading your vehicle, please park ONLY in the designated vendor parking. parking is limited in Downtown and we need to leave spaces up close for the patrons.

Tear Down

Tear down will be from 4pm to 5pm. For concerns for safety of the public, the streets will not be opened until all of the patrons have left the festival location. We ask politely as we can, do not move any barriers or cones to enter the event before our volunteer team allows. Again this policy is strictly for safety of everyone involved with the event. We also will have a speed limit inside the festival grounds of 2 mph.

In closing, our Scouts, leaders, and parents would like to extend of thanks to you for supporting our Troop! If you have any questions, please let us know.

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