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Egg Hunter

Egg My Yard 2024

Let Us make your Easter special! Scouts will come by the day before and hide eggs while your child is asleep. When they wake up on Easter Morning, they will be left a surprise from the Easter Bunny. 

We take all the hassle out of stuffing and hiding the eggs.  

Sales end March 23rd!

Egg My Yard
Egg My Yard
Flowery Branch and Buford Area ONLY! Let us make your Easter Morning special for your children. Scouts from Troop 228 will hide eggs in your yard the day before Easter after your children go to bed. When they wake up they will have a yard full of eggs left by the Easter Bunny!


How does this work?

We will have 3 teams of Scouts scatter over the Flowery Branch and Buford area hiding eggs. Each group of Scouts will have a leader or parent with them. They will send you a text message when they are on their way and when they leave. 

When will I know when you are coming?

You will receive an email several days prior to the ticket you selected for desired delivery. We will let you know a delivery window. You will receive a text message when our delivery team arrives and departs from your property. Delivery times will be between 6pm and 10pm on the 29th or 30th.

What kind of Candy will be in the eggs?

They will be mixed. We try to put high quality mixtures in the eggs. They will most likely be chocolate, skittles, starburst, chewy, hard, and suckers. 

What area will you serve?

Unfortunately, we are only able to serve the Flowery Branch and Buford area at this time.

How many Candy eggs v. Prize eggs?

This year we will be using 2" eggs for candy approx 90% of the eggs, 3.5" eggs for prize eggs approx 10% of the eggs. Prize eggs could include: extra candy, small toys, or suprise items...

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