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American Flag Retirement

According to the U.S. Flag Code, when a flag is so damaged that it no longer can serve as a symbol of the country, it should be retired in a dignified way. The preferred method is burning it.  Flags should be retired in a ceremony fashion and should be a solemn, dignified event. Prefered organization to retire flags are the Boy Scouts of America and American Legion. 

BSA Troop 228 would be happy and honored to dispose of our Nation's Flag in a honorable ceremony. Please contact us for more information.

t228 Paper Article 2.JPG


I have an American Flag that is torn, faded, tathered, or damaged. What should I do with it?

If you are in the Flowery Branch area, contact us. If not, reach out to a local Scout troop or American Legion for proper and dignified disposal.

Can I fly a torn flag?

No, it is against Flag code and is disrespectful. Please have a damaged flag disposed of properly

Where can I drop off a damaged flag?

Please contact us for further instructions. Flag Drop Box coming soon to Downtown Flowery Branch.

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